Pay Later Flights

Book Now Pay Later

Deposit £49
Fly Now Pay Later
2% - 17.5% Deposit

Book Now Pay Later Flights

Book Now Pay Later Flights
  • Happy flight deals with Cheap Flight House can be made with Book Now Pay Later Plans.
  • 18 Plus independent individuals may book their flight under Book Now Pay Later scheme.
  • Make small deposit when booking your favorite cheapest flight tickets. Mutually decide payment plan with your Travel Agent at CFH.
  • Get written confirmation of contract.
  • Book now pay later plan flights stay confirmed till the agreement dates. Flight prices are not hold-able taxes may go up and down. We follow strict policy of advising the client for the differences in fare. If client agrees we issue tickets on due dates. Deposit for Book now pay later flights are non refundable.

Fly Now Pay Later Flights

Fly Now Pay Later Flights
  • It gets better if one can pay friction of total airfares & pay the balance after returning.
  • Cheap Flight House is associated with Fly Now Pay Later to cater the Pay later flight options for all our clients.
  • All UK residents over 18 are eligible to process for the loan.
  • After choosing the cheap flights for the trip. Client may pay £25 non refundable admin fee for the process of application.
  • Fly Now Pay Later will leave a mark on your credit history. If approved client will be offered different plans.
  • Like pay in 30 days with interest of 2% or pay in 60 to 90 days and pay about 5% interest. Client may choose maximum of 10 months with interest b/w 10 to 17%.