How can you Fly Now & Pay Later?

Sometimes people do not have enough resources to book urgent or planned air travel. We understand that you don’t want to miss the urgent trip or a cheap flight offer for planned holidays.

Fly Now Play Later Limited is a mediator that can help you get loan for your air travel or holiday bookings. Below are the features you can enjoy & Pay for your trip on easy installments.

  • Fly away by paying the deposit only
  • Choice to pay in 3 – 10 months
  • Apply credit for flight or holiday booking from £100 to £2000.
  • Pay from 6.9% for the total amount
  • Pay off the total early if you like- No Charges

Are you Eligible?

 UK Resident?
 Age over 18 years?
 Mobile Phone?
 UK Bank Account & Debit Card?

If you are eligible then this is how to book?

Find the Cheap Flight

Once you have Selected the Flight

Once Approved

Call 0208 144 9577 or WhatsApp 0208 144 9577

Search Online (link to landing page)

Run your application

  1. Call agent
  2. DIY- Online
  3. Choose the Payment Plan

Pay the Deposit by Credit or Debit Card.

Get your tickets on email or whatsapp.


Legal & Regulatory Details

Registration number 726937. Financial Conduct Authority.

Registration number 672306. Financial Conduct Authority.

Fly Now Pay Later Limited

Pay Later Financial Services Limited


Fly Now Pay Later ® & Travelfund ® are registered trademarks of Pay Later Group Limited.


Credit Accounts Provider


What details are required for application?

1- Your name as per passport or as per debit card / Bank's record 

2- Date of Birth

3- Phone Number and email address

4- Residential Address (must be more than 2 years If not then previous address is required)    

5- Employment Status (Employed or unemployed, Retired etc.)

6- Annual Salary  

7- Residential Status (Renting, Owned, Furnished or unfurnished)

Is there any fee for processing the application or after application get declined?

No, there is no fee for processing

Is there a credit check?

Yes, FNPL will do all the necessary check and then allow you to spread the cost.

What are the charges of fly now pay later?

Fly Now Pay Later will charge from 6.9% + on the total cost of flight or holiday depending on credit check.

What is the maximum amount I can get?  

First time applicant may qualify for maximum of £2000. A repeated applicant can request for £3000.

When do I receive my e tickets?

You will get your tickets on the same day when you are qualified for FNPL and pay the deposit.